Edit Responses from your Online Survey

We thought that a great way to start the year would be to roll out a new feature for you all!

You can now edit your online survey responses directly from within the tool. Simply visit “Responses”, open the response you need to alter and hit “Edit”.

You will be shown the entire questionnaire at once (no page breaks) with all original answers from your participant. You can then simply edit the answers as needed and hit “Save”.

There are many legitimate cases where it is useful to be able to alter survey responses, such as an obviously wrong answer that might skew your data or when you want to update some information that was submitted to you by other means, etc. With this new feature, you can now make super quick changes to responses and fix those mistakes.

This feature is available starting from the Business Plan.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2018 from everyone at SurveyHero!

New Question Type: Image Choice

We have a beautiful new question type for you! The “Image Choice” question will allow you to create multiple choice style questions using images as the possible answers.

This is great for getting feedback on things like photographs, designs, logos, etc. You can even allow participants to zoom into the image for a closer look.

Another great use case for the Image Choice question type is to use images as a “scale”. For example, you could use icons or images of emojis to create something going from “sad” to “happy”.

Just like regular multiple choice questions, you can apply Skip Logic to create complex online surveys as well as define whether your participants can pick only one or multiple choices. If you let them choose multiple choices, you can even enforce a minimum and/or maximum number of choices (e.g. “exactly 3 choices”).

We think this is a great addition to the tool and look forward to seeing the interesting and creative ways you will use it in your surveys.

Pause and Resume Survey Participation

The longer your survey is, the longer it will take for your participants to answer everything. If you are creating surveys with many questions, then you run the risk of participants leaving your questionnaire without completing it first.

We have just added a new option in your collector settings to help tackle this problem. You can now toggle the ability for participants to be able to pause and resume their participation, at any time, with a “Resume Link” that we will automatically generate.

When clicking the “Pause and Get Resume Link” button, we will automatically save all existing answers, including the ones on the current page. The participant will then see their unique “Resume Link” that they can use to pick up their participation again. They can open this link at any later time on any device. For example, they can start your survey in the office on their computer, pause, and resume on their smartphone on the way home.

When the participant decides to resume their participation, they will be taken to exactly where they left off when they paused and will see the answers that they had previously entered.

Create Your Online Survey in Multiple Languages

The world is a diverse place. We humans speak, in total, close to 7000 languages between us. Although many people can understand multiple languages, when it comes to reading text, it feels by far the most natural when it is in your first language.

Today, we are happy to announce our Multilingual Surveys feature! You can now create or translate one of your existing surveys into any language. We support “Unicode”, meaning you can use any language with any kind of special characters.

We have a fantastic built-in translation editor which really makes the translation of your survey not only super-fast to do, but also more accurate, because you can refer to the original text at a glance.

Translate your survey with ease!
Translate your survey with ease!

Participants can then choose their preferred language at the beginning of the questionnaire, or you can even create survey links that directly use a specific language.

Survey Language Selection

All your collected responses will be in one place and you will also be able to filter the survey results by language.

Providing your survey in the participants first language will not only help with your response rate, but will also give you more accurate and detailed results. We believe that the ability to translate surveys will greatly help our users!

You can find all details about how to setup a multilingual survey here: Create Survey in Multiple Languages

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

New Chart Type: Word Cloud

Using open ended questions like the Text Field and Text Area are a great way for you to collect detailed responses. Closed question types will only tell you that X number of people selected answer A, whereas open question types will allow participants to write out an answer in their own words.

You will find the Word Cloud chart is now available in your report. This chart has been designed to pick out the most common words from your responses and display them in a word cloud diagram, where the more common the word the larger the text.

Since the responses will contain words written directly from the participant, some answers will contain completely different adjectives, verbs and nouns. The Word Cloud will filter out punctuation and unnecessary words (like a, it, the, etc.) to only display useful words.

We are always looking for new fun ways to display your response data and hope you like this addition to the report charts. You can change chart types in your report starting from the Professional Plan.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Create Complex Online Surveys with Skip Logic

We have just launched a very popular feature that many of you have been asking for. Skip Logic gives you the ability to skip certain pages based on what participants have previously answered.

Your survey should be as easy to complete as possible. Too many pages with questions that don’t relate to the participant can lead to more drop offs and incomplete results. With Skip Logic, if somebody already answers that they like cats, then you can skip the page asking them why they do not like cats and go directly to the next section.

This feature is available starting from the Business Plan and opens up many new ways that you can structure your survey. We are really looking forward to seeing in what ways you use it.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Redirect your Participants on Survey Completion

Today we are happy to announce that Survey Redirection is now available! By default, your participants will land on a SurveyHero landing page after survey completion, however, now you can redirect your online survey participants to any website you choose after they complete the survey.

This feature is available starting from the Business Plan and can be a very useful way to get your online survey participants back onto your website.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

New Question Type: Date

If you want to allow your participants to enter a date in your online survey, then the new “Date” question type is going to make your life a lot easier!

You could use a “Textfield” question to get dates, however, the problem here is that any value could be submitted and even if your participants entered a date, you would end up with many different formats in your survey results.

The “Date” question allows users to select a date from an actual calendar, giving you a consistent format in your results!

We hope you like this new feature. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Calculate your Net Promoter Score with SurveyHero!

We have just launched the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. NPS uses one standard question to measure your customer’s loyalty by simply asking:

“How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?”

By always asking the same question and giving participants a choice from 0 – 10, you can easily gauge your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty with one metric, your Net Promoter Score. In the background, we will handle the calculation for you. Once your results start coming in you will be able to see your NPS in the reports area where we have designed a new special NPS Chart type:


We think this is a great addition to our element library and think it will be a useful tool for your business! As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Introducing Plans & Pricing with Special Offer!

Starting today, you can now sign up for one of our SurveyHero paid plans. To celebrate the launch of our paid plans we are running a fantastic special offer until 22 December 2016.

Sign up now to save a massive 25% on whatever plan you choose. Best of all, you get to keep the discounted price until you cancel your subscription!

Any surveys you have created up until this point will continue to have all features unlocked and any new surveys you create will be subject to some feature restrictions depending on what account plan you are on.

We have worked hard trying to come up with a pricing model that will suit everybody with plans packed full of features. We would love to hear what you think about our plans and welcome any feedback you may have.