Limit the Number of Characters in your Text Questions

When you are collecting open text answers from participants in an online survey, one problem you may run into is that there is no limit to the amount of text the participant can submit. This can become frustrating when you only really require a short answer from the participant and you end up getting a small essay.

Today we are happy to announce that you now can limit open text answers to a maximum number of characters.

Limit the number of characters

When this option is active, the user will see a counter on the bottom right corner of the question. This will update live as the user types, providing some feedback to show how many characters are still available.

You can learn more about activating this option here: Limit Number of Characters

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Show a Summary Page at the End of your Online Survey

We are happy to announce that you can now add a “Summary Page” at the end of your online survey.

The answer summary page contains all the questions in your survey including the participants answers. This page allows your participants to review their own given answers as well as to save/print them before submitting.

Summary page including print and export options

Participants will be able to print or create a PDF export of a nicely formatted version of their answers. It will clearly display each question and show which answers they have given.

If the participant sees an answer they would like to change, they can simply go back and change it.

You can learn how to activate it here: Activate Summary Page

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Create Your Online Survey in Multiple Languages

The world is a diverse place. We humans speak, in total, close to 7000 languages between us. Although many people can understand multiple languages, when it comes to reading text, it feels by far the most natural when it is in your first language.

Today, we are happy to announce our Multilingual Surveys feature! You can now create or translate one of your existing surveys into any language. We support “Unicode”, meaning you can use any language with any kind of special characters.

We have a fantastic built-in translation editor which really makes the translation of your survey not only super-fast to do, but also more accurate, because you can refer to the original text at a glance.

Translate your survey with ease!
Translate your survey with ease!

Participants can then choose their preferred language at the beginning of the questionnaire, or you can even create survey links that directly use a specific language.

Survey Language Selection

All your collected responses will be in one place and you will also be able to filter the survey results by language.

Providing your survey in the participants first language will not only help with your response rate, but will also give you more accurate and detailed results. We believe that the ability to translate surveys will greatly help our users!

You can find all details about how to setup a multilingual survey here: Create Survey in Multiple Languages

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have: