Enhanced Data Security for Online Surveys: Introducing Encryption at Rest

Great news for all our users! We have taken a major step forward in data security. We are thrilled to announce that, along with our existing SSL encryption, all our databases and backups are now encrypted at rest.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, it is about making your data safer than ever. Encryption at rest means all your survey data – whether it is in use or stored – is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access. This update strengthens the security of the sensitive information you collect in your online surveys.

This change applies to all existing and future surveys that are created with us.

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Display Logic: Set Rules Based on Collectors

Display Logic allows you to show or hide questions (or even entire survey pages) based on a respondent’s previously answers.

It is now also possible to dynamically show or hide questions based on the Collector (e.g. Survey Link) used to take the survey.

For example, you can create two survey links for your online survey: One for existing customers and one for potential customers. You can then specify in your survey that certain questions should only be shown to existing customers:

Show question only to participants using the “Existing customers” collector

This eliminates the need to create two separate surveys. You can simply share one link with existing customers, and the other with potential customers, and both will see only the questions relevant to them.

For more information, read our help article here: How to Create Dynamic Online Surveys with Display Logic

Add a Private Description to your Surveys

You can now set an internal name to your surveys, that will only be visible to you and your team. The internal name is not visible to your participants.

Adding an internal name when adding a new survey

You can use this to add a private description to your survey to better distinguish it from other surveys.

If you want to add an internal name to an existing survey, simply visit the “Survey Settings”:

Updated Survey Layouts

We are please to announce that we have updated our Theme Editor. It now allows you even better to customize your questionnaire layout according to your needs.

The way you can add your own logo to your survey layout has also been improved.

Add your own logo to your survey

You can now also set a “Default survey design” to be used automatically for any new surveys. This can be done within your “Default Survey Settings”.

Define a “Default survey design”

You can now also share your own themes with your team members, and vice versa. Your team member’s layouts will automatically appear within the Theme Editor, where you can preview and apply them to your surveys.

Protect your Online Survey with Access Codes

You can now restrict access to your online survey with access codes. This will guarantee that only people with a valid access code can participate in your survey. This is similar to a password protected online survey, only that every participant uses their own personal password.

No access to survey without valid access code

Simply create a new collector of type “Access Code” and generate random access codes. You can then share those access codes with your participants.

Create “Access Code” collector
Generate access codes

Every access code can only be used once to participate in your survey. An ideal use case is voting, where every person should only be allowed to vote once.

Create Custom Reports

We are happy to announce that you can now create multiple tabulated reports for every given survey:

How to Create a New Custom Report

Any filters you set or chart types that you define will remain set for each report. This allows you to create multiple reports with specific settings each, and to view them without having to reset your main report every single time to different states.

One particular use case that we have been asked often about is the ability to create a “Management Report” or similar, that only contains results to specific questions and that can be shared with Management or other third parties in a safe way. This is now possible:

Include only relevant questions
Share report with read-only link

After you have created your custom report, you can simply click on “Share this report” to get a unique, read-only link to that report. You can share that link with anyone who needs access to this data.

Stay Organized and Archive your Old Surveys

Over time, you may have many old surveys in your account that are no longer in use, cluttering your survey overview and getting mixed up with more important live surveys.

We are happy to announce that you can now archive your old surveys instead of deleting them.

You can archive your survey from the survey overview. Archived surveys can be restored at any time or be permanently deleted when required.

Archived Survey Label
Quick Switch Menu

When a survey is archived, it will be moved into the “Archived” label and no longer be shown in the drop-down menu.

Discount for Non-Profit Organizations

There are many organizations around the world that are doing amazing things to help others in need. We are very proud to announce that we will be supporting charitable and non-profit organizations by offering a discount of 50% OFF our premium plans.

You can find out more about what requirements are needed, as well as how you can benefit from this offer here: Discount for Nonprofits

If you are part of, or know someone who is part of, a not-for-profit organization then please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!

Educational Discount for Students and Teachers

In order to support educational institutions, we are happy to announce that we have now launched our Educational Discount program. Both students and faculty members, such as educators and university staff and their members, can now benefit from a discount of 50% OFF our paid plans (with the exception of the Enterprise Plan).

You can apply for your Educational Discount in your SurveyHero account: Apply for Educational Discount

This is something that we have often been asked about and we are excited to make it available to you now. You are welcome to spread the word and let others know about this offer.

Please send anyone you think may be interested here: Educational Discount, or if you have some feedback, please let us know!