Protect your Online Survey with Access Codes

You can now restrict access to your online survey with access codes. This will guarantee that only people with a valid access code can participate in your survey. This is similar to a password protected online survey, only that every participant uses their own personal password.

No access to survey without valid access code

Simply create a new collector of type “Access Code” and generate random access codes. You can then share those access codes with your participants.

Create “Access Code” collector
Generate access codes

Every access code can only be used once to participate in your survey. An ideal use case is voting, where every person should only be allowed to vote once.

Create Custom Reports

We are happy to announce that you can now create multiple tabulated reports for every given survey:

How to Create a New Custom Report

Any filters you set or chart types that you define will remain set for each report. This allows you to create multiple reports with specific settings each, and to view them without having to reset your main report every single time to different states.

One particular use case that we have been asked often about is the ability to create a “Management Report” or similar, that only contains results to specific questions and that can be shared with Management or other third parties in a safe way. This is now possible:

Include only relevant questions
Share report with read-only link

After you have created your custom report, you can simply click on “Share this report” to get a unique, read-only link to that report. You can share that link with anyone who needs access to this data.

Get Notified About New Survey Responses

UPDATE: You can now send email notifications for survey responses to other recipients. You can find out more here: Send Response Notifications to Multiple People

Starting today, you can define whether or not you would like to be notified by email about new responses to your online survey. These settings can be set per collector (e.g. per survey link).

In the settings of your collectors, you will find the option “Notify me about new responses”:

You can currently choose between following options:

  • Do not notify me
  • Notify me max. once per hour
  • Notify me max. once per day

If there are no new responses during the chosen time frame (e.g. hourly or daily), no notification will be sent. You will only receive a notification if there is at least one new response.

Your responses remain safe. They are not included within the email notification. The notification only mentions the number of new responses that were collected during the last hour or day.

Edit Your Text Inline and Forget About Saving

We are happy to announce that we have updated our survey editor. Over the past few months we have been working hard to improve many areas in the tool as well as add these great NEW Features:


Inline Editing



Now you can easily edit and format any texts directly in the preview.
Just click and type!
We got rid of the save button. Any changes you make will now be
saved automatically!

Here is a preview of how it looks in action:

Inline Editing and Auto-Saving

These new features make editing your online survey even simpler. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Ready To Roll!

With this first blog post, we are happy to announce that we are finally able to start actively developing new features!

We launched a couple of months ago and had to take care of many things since then. We have moved to a new office, finished important work on some parallel products, successfully fought a trademark infringement and hired our fourth employee. While all these things were necessary, they were also very time consuming and slowed us down in further developing SurveyHero.

But we are all set now and ready to create the best survey product in the market!

Starting today, we will be continuously adding new and exciting features. Many of you have already contacted us with some great feature ideas (thanks!) that we will include as well.

Please get in touch if you have any new requests, found some bugs or just want to give us some good old feedback.