Introducing Plans & Pricing with Special Offer!

Starting today, you can now sign up for one of our SurveyHero paid plans. To celebrate the launch of our paid plans we are running a fantastic special offer until 22 December 2016.

Sign up now to save a massive 25% on whatever plan you choose. Best of all, you get to keep the discounted price until you cancel your subscription!

Any surveys you have created up until this point will continue to have all features unlocked and any new surveys you create will be subject to some feature restrictions depending on what account plan you are on.

We have worked hard trying to come up with a pricing model that will suit everybody with plans packed full of features. We would love to hear what you think about our plans and welcome any feedback you may have.

Embed Surveys Directly into your Website or Blog

UPDATE: You can now also embed your survey as overlay: Embed Your Survey in Your Website as Popup

We have just launched the ability to embed a survey from SurveyHero directly into your website or blog. This gives you a great way to collect feedback from your customers or users without them ever having to leave your website!


Embedding your questionnaire into your website is really simple. All you have to do is copy and paste the embed code and you can start collecting results directly from your site! Take a look at the step by step guide for more information: How to embed surveys into your website

We think this is a great addition to SurveyHero and will add even more flexibility for you when it comes to collecting responses! As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

PS: Yes, we used the new embedding feature to embed the survey above 😉

9 Fantastic New SurveyHero Themes Added!

Want some new themes? We have got you covered! We just launched 9 brand new themes into our SurveyHero Theme Library! We want to make it really easy for you to create beautiful online surveys.


Our plan is to grow our theme library so you can choose from a bunch of high quality designs that will suit any theme you have in your questionnaire. We have also seen some great theme designs created by you since launching the custom design editor last week!

The new themes are already in your Theme Library! Go try them on for size.

Create Custom Themes with our Design Editor

You can now create your own custom themes with SurveyHero! With the ability to customize the style, color and background image, you can really create surveys that fit your corporate design or personal taste.


Creating your own theme is really easy. Take a look at the step by step guide for more information. You will still be able to use our predefined SurveyHero themes (we will be adding more soon).


We are really looking forward to seeing what amazing designs you can come up with! As always, we welcome any feedback you may have.

Ready To Roll!

With this first blog post, we are happy to announce that we are finally able to start actively developing new features!

We launched a couple of months ago and had to take care of many things since then. We have moved to a new office, finished important work on some parallel products, successfully fought a trademark infringement and hired our fourth employee. While all these things were necessary, they were also very time consuming and slowed us down in further developing SurveyHero.

But we are all set now and ready to create the best survey product in the market!

Starting today, we will be continuously adding new and exciting features. Many of you have already contacted us with some great feature ideas (thanks!) that we will include as well.

Please get in touch if you have any new requests, found some bugs or just want to give us some good old feedback.