Comment on Survey Results and Discuss as a Team

We are happy to announce that you and your team members can now comment on charts and specific survey responses, enabling advanced collaboration for things like asking a team member to follow up on a customer requests, commenting on a customer’s response, etc.

Comment on individual responses

Results can be commented in the “Individual Response” view, where you see each response one by one, as well as in the “Report” view, where you see the tabulated data across all responses.

Comment on the tabulated data

Instead of sending feedback back and forth between many people via email, the new results commenting feature keeps everything tidy and in the correct place, saving time and streamlining team communication. Additionally, the comments are also included in the print versions of your results.

The ability to collaborate in teams is very valuable, and we are happy to evolve this even further for you, allowing for a very convenient way to communicate with each other about your survey results.