Dynamically Show or Hide Questions with Display Logic

We have just launched the ability for you to create dynamic online surveys using a new feature called “Display Logic”.

With Display Logic you can dynamically show/hide elements or entire pages from your participants based on their previous answers. For example, you could show a follow-up question if the participant has given a specific answer that requires more information.

Here is a very simple example of Display Logic in action:

Display Logic can of course also be used in combination with “Skip Logic“, which will allow you to create very complex surveys, while maintaining a very easy experience for your participants taking them.

We are really happy to bring the Display Logic feature to the tool for you and are looking forward to seeing what interesting and fun ways you will use it while creating your surveys!

For more information, check out our help article here:
How to Create Dynamic Online Surveys with Display Logic

Survey Redirection with Skip Logic

It is common practice to ask some screening questions at the beginning of your survey to “screen out” participants who do not qualify for your target audience. Until now, you could only screen them out by sending them to the “Thank You” page of your survey. This is the same page that participants see, who completed the survey.

We have now made an update to our Skip Logic feature that will allow you to redirect participants to external URLs based on whatever answer they choose, making participant screening extremely easy to implement.

This is also useful to you if you are using a panel provider to reach your participants. They will more than likely provide you with links such as “screen-out”, “quota full”, “complete”, etc., all of which is now easy to set up thanks to this update.

Find out more here: Creating Complex Online Surveys with Skip Logic