Send Email Invitations for your Online Survey

Today we are happy to announce that you can now send email invitations for your survey to participants directly in the tool!

You can add an unlimited number of recipients directly from Excel by simply copying and pasting them, as well as extra columns of data if you choose to, such as First Name, Customer ID, etc.

Everything just works! You can write your own message and we will then automatically generate a unique survey link for each recipient. We will keep you up-to-date via email of the sending progress and let you know about any bounced emails or problems. Once your email is sent, you can easily send a reminder to the list again, at the click of a button.

The survey links we generate for you will be, by default, one-time use. This guarantees that you will only receive one response per recipient, blocking multiple participation or participations from uninvited people.

One of the most important benefits you will gain when using our email invitations, is that each response will be inherently connected to a single recipient.

This means you will see the email address and data from the recipients you sent to directly in each individual response as well as in your exports. This removes the need for you to directly ask for a participant’s contact details in your survey.

We think this new feature is a fantastic addition to the tool and believe it will be a great new way for you to share your survey.

You can find all details about it in our Help Center: How to send email invitations

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Get Immediately Notified About New Responses

We are happy to announce that starting today, you can receive email notifications immediately after someone participates in your online survey.

This is especially useful for businesses who immediately would like to follow-up on new responses that may be related to online orders, feedback, etc. Immediate notifications for new survey responses will allow for increased overall response times.

You can activate this option within the settings of each individual collector (e.g. survey link).

This feature is available starting from the Professional Plan.

Remove “Back” Button From Your Survey

We have just added the ability for you to completely remove the “Back” button in your online survey.

In some types of surveys, it is important that a participant cannot go back and alter their previous answers. This is especially true in a quiz or test style survey for example, where some questions may be related to answers that were given on previous pages.

You can activate this option within the settings of each individual collector (e.g. survey link).

This feature is available starting from the Professional Plan.

Embed Your Survey in Your Website as Popup

We have just launched a great new way for you to collect responses for your online survey: You can now make your survey “pop up” on your website or blog!

Everything loads super smooth and looks seamless and integrated. The best part is, your survey participants will not need to leave your website to participate!

Just one example of how the survey can pop up

We wanted to make it as easy as possible and allow you to display it on your website exactly the way you need. To make it happen, you only need to add one line of code to your website.

All settings can be managed from within your account, you do not need to change any code. You can define how the survey should be displayed as well as when it should appear.

The when is particularly interesting: You can trigger it manually, with a link or button, just like in the example above. Or you can also set automatic triggers to determine when the popup should appear.

Here are some of the automatic opening options that are available:

  • Open immediately or after a certain time
  • Open after a certain amount of page views
  • Open when a visitor tries to leave your website

To get started, simply create a “Web Popup” collector in your survey. Go try it out now: Login

If you need to know all the details of this new collector, go check our Help Center: Embed Survey in Website as Popup

New Mobile Device Preview for your Online Survey

We are happy to announce that we have now added the option for you to quickly switch between Desktop, Tablet and Mobile views within the preview of your online survey.

This is great because you will get to see what your survey will look like on a mobile device without having to leave the tool!

Device Preview

Our statistics show us that well over half of all participants are using a mobile device. That is why we have put a lot of effort into making sure our surveys look amazing on smaller screens.

For more information on how our surveys are optimized for mobile devices see here: Create Surveys Optimized for Mobile

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Limit the Number of Characters in your Text Questions

When you are collecting open text answers from participants in an online survey, one problem you may run into is that there is no limit to the amount of text the participant can submit. This can become frustrating when you only really require a short answer from the participant and you end up getting a small essay.

Today we are happy to announce that you now can limit open text answers to a maximum number of characters.

Limit the number of characters

When this option is active, the user will see a counter on the bottom right corner of the question. This will update live as the user types, providing some feedback to show how many characters are still available.

You can learn more about activating this option here: Limit Number of Characters

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Show a Summary Page at the End of your Online Survey

We are happy to announce that you can now add a “Summary Page” at the end of your online survey.

The answer summary page contains all the questions in your survey including the participants answers. This page allows your participants to review their own given answers as well as to save/print them before submitting.

Summary page including print and export options

Participants will be able to print or create a PDF export of a nicely formatted version of their answers. It will clearly display each question and show which answers they have given.

If the participant sees an answer they would like to change, they can simply go back and change it.

You can learn how to activate it here: Activate Summary Page

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Schedule Automatic Closing of your Online Survey

Most surveys have a specific time frame for participation. You launch your survey and after a specific amount of time you need to close it, so that you can start to evaluate the results.

So far, you had to close the survey manually. Today, we have launched the ability for you to set a date and time to schedule automatic closing of your survey.

Choose the date and time to schedule closing

This is especially useful if your survey needs to be closed while you are not available, e.g. during the night, on weekends or while you are on holiday. This feature will help you never miss a deadline and make sure your survey is closed at the correct time.

More details about how this works can be found here: Schedule Closing

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Send Response Notifications to Multiple People

Last year we launched the ability for you to receive an email notification when your online survey collected new responses.

We are happy to announce that you can now send such email notifications to other recipients too.

Choose who you would like to receive notifications

We have updated the collector settings to allow you to select which email addresses should receive the notifications. You can add new email addresses by inviting other users to your team. You can read more about it here: Get Notified About New Survey Responses

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have:

Collaborate on online surveys in teams

Creating an online survey can sometimes be a team effort with multiple people all bringing their own ideas to the table – so we decided to make this easier for you!

You can now create teams and invite others to collaborate on your surveys. You can invite any other person to join your team and there are no limitations on how many team members you can have.

You can define granular access to surveys, easily managing which surveys should be visible to which members.

Team collaboration also makes everything more secure since every member will have their own log in credentials, avoiding the security risk of having to pass around a password between different people.

This has been a very popular feature request and we are happy to finally be able to offer it to you. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have: